Homemade Jammie Bodgers

mmmm, cookies!

Through The Looking Glass

Mmmmm.... Mmmmm….

My son loves to bake with me and as it’s the Easter Holidays – which are 3 weeks long at his school, we’ve had lots of time to cook and bake together. He’s wary of putting things in the oven, but is a very good helper with pretty much every other step. He enjoyed getting his hands mucky while rubbing the butter and dry ingredients together with these cookies, and then putting the jam in the middle.

Jammie Bodgers Jammie Bodgers

The ‘real’ name of the mass produced version of these cookies is Jammie Dodgers, but these are far better – less dry with as much filling as you want to put in, or think the cookies can hold. Next time I’m going to try them with lemon or ginger curd instead of jam. They are a shortbread cookie sandwiched with buttercream icing and jam – we used a blackberry/raspberry combo…

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