Wholesale Orders….

I have occasionally been in in contact with people looking for “wholesale orders” but haven’t got the order as we have defined “wholesale order” differently.

I have a basic formula for wholesale orders. If you are looking for 5- 10 of the same item, it isn’t a wholesale order and while I can still offer a discount, it won’t be more than 10%. I have a sliding scale depending on how many of the same item you want to buy. The larger the order, the larger the discount will be.

Yesterday a lovely Folksy Seller, Whimsey Woo Designs, messaged me about someone looking for a large order of knit breasts – I crochet them and she knew that I make uterii so thought I might make breasts as well.

The buyer and I messaged back and forth a bit yesterday and we agreed on price, payment & delivery terms. She’s paid the deposit and I’ve ordered the supplies so soon I’ll be knee-deep in crochet boobs! She will be using them for breast-feeding teaching and also selling them on for a breast-feeding charity.

Purple Breast
Purple Breast
Rainbow Breast
Rainbow Breast
Crochet Breast
Crochet Breast

I’ll be adding the new colours to my Etsy Shop, Anatomical Knits as I make them, and as the new colours are flesh-toned, I can add other body parts too….

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