Where to Find Me…

I’m still working on my shops! Very busy right now, but I’ve got lots of ideas, some that will hopefully be available before too long! Are you looking for something from me but can’t find it? Ask!

Through The Looking Glass

I’ve decided to reorganise my shops. They are too mixed up and eclectic so I decided to split up everything I make into 3 shops. I get bored easily and can’t just make the same things all the time!

All my knitted uterii and other body parts (coming soon!) are now in a new Etsy Shop – Anatomical Knits

Knitted Uterus Knitted Uterus

Home Decor will be exclusively in my Folksy Shop – Looking Glass Designs Folksy Shop

Ruffle Bowls Ruffle Bowls

Wearable Designs will be in the current Etsy Shop – Looking Glass Designs Etsy Shop

Grey/Black Infinity Cowl Grey/Black Infinity Cowl

Camera Chicks and other Camera Buddies will be available in the bottom 2 shops as well as on Ebay.

Camera Chick Camera Chick

If there is something you can’t find, or would like me to make for you, you can email me here – looking(dot)glass(dot)designs12(at)gmail(dot)com

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