Nick Coffer’s The After School Cookbook

Nick Coffer, for those of you who have never heard of him, was a stay-at-home dad a few years ago and started a video blog with his small son, Archie, called “My Daddy Cooks”. It was a big hit as time went on, and he got to write a cookbook, called as you would have thought, ‘My Daddy Cooks’ I gave a copy to hubby one Father’s Day, and we use it to make fast, great tasting meals that son will (hopefully) eat.

For his second book, called The After School Cookbook”, I was lucky enough to be one of his recipe testers. I made hubby do 2 of the recipes out of 4 we were given to do, as having a former chef test them wouldn’t help Nick much as the book is for a home cook, not a professional one.

Both books are laid out so you can find what you are looking for easily, the recipes are clear and well-written, and easy to follow. Very few have any unusual ingredients (no quails’ eggs or caviar!) and all are quick and cheap(ish) to make. Some are regular go-tos – the Bready Scrolls, Baked Risotto, and Vegetable Fritters along with the Honey-glazed Chicken Wings (the sauce and marinade are great on legs and thighs too!) for example. These are all recipes my son loves to help me cook – even the risotto. He can put the ingredients in the pot and then stir with a wooden spoon. He won’t go near the oven of his own accord when it’s open, so I get the job of taking things in and out of it.

The Chewy Flapjack recipe is one that I tested and it disappears quickly! I plan on making some of them for breakfast soon as we are already getting in a rut of cereal every morning even though son has only been back for a few weeks. Cereal for breakfast every day is boring!

Both of these books make a great gift for the busy cook in your life. For us, the first one did get my hubby in the kitchen a bit more! We haven’t tried as many out of the 2nd book yet, but I’m betting from all the post-its sticking out of it that my son put in we will be cooking from it this weekend.

I don’t know if I can add in one of his recipes, but you can look on his blog My Daddy Cooks


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