How do you Best Express Yourself? – Guest Blog Post

Here’s another Guest Blog Post from Catherine Poole, a Virtual Assisant from Fife. She talks about the best way to blog – by podcast or with word? Which way do you favour?

How do you best express yourself?


I recently attended an event near where I live in Fife called the Content Marketing Workshop, and along with a group of other mostly local business owners, I learned a bit more about content marketing, specifically blogging and podcasting. I’ve been blogging for a wee while now, but podcasting is something I’m completely new to!

I suppose you could say that writing a blog or recording a podcast are both good ways of showing your expertise, helping your existing or potential customers and adding value to what you’re offering, but which is the best medium? Should you do both? Should you try one and not the other?

I think a lot of this will depend on how comfortable you feel expressing yourself, whether this is on paper or verbally.
Yes, of course you should try and push yourself out of your comfort zone if you’re in business, but marketing yourself effectively is difficult enough as it is, so if you’re still hovering at the starting blocks, have a think about your communication strengths before embarking on the next step.

How do you feel about articulating yourself verbally?

• Are you quite happy going to networking events and talking to new people?

• Are you good at starting up a conversation and asking questions?

• Can you draw people out of themselves and get them to articulate what THEY want to say?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then it might be worth trying out podcasting. In its simplest form, all you need is a smartphone with a voice recorder to enable you to talk about a particular subject on your own. To make it more interesting, you could invite guests along to talk about their business or promote something relevant to your own customers. I won’t pretend I know all the technical ins and outs, but it seems that if you have a headset with a mic, a Skype connection and mp3 recorder, plus software to edit your audio (Audacity is free!), you’re good to go.

If on the other hand…

• You’re not comfortable with hearing your own voice.

• You have a vivid imagination.

• You love the way words appear on the page…

…then perhaps traditional blog writing is more down your street!
Either way, did you know that recorded content can be repurposed again and again for other things like e-books, online articles or social media posts? And if you do find you’re better at articulating yourself verbally and fancy starting a blog, but podcasts seem a bit scary, it might be worth thinking about dictating your thoughts and getting somebody in the know to transcribe and edit them for you.

Catherine Poole

Catherine Poole Virtual Assistant – offering intelligent transcription, editing and proofreading services to add value to your content.

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