Rosegate Farm Butchers – Review

We got another pig from Rosegate Farm today – again, gorgeous meat, yummy sausages and great customer service! David jointed, packaged up the meat and helped me carry the boxes to my car very early today — I was there about 7:45AM! This was a larger pig than last year and we got several extra joints from it. I’m curing a piece of belly pork in a salt/sugar cure for 3-4 days — perfect fried and crispy on top of risotto!

Through The Looking Glass

We try to get a whole pig once a year to fill our freezer and we got this year’s pig on Saturday.
It’s from Rosegate Farm this time – I hadn’t found them when we looked around last year, but they have been raising and butchering their own pigs, lambs and cattle for about 2 years now. Before then, the farm had been a soft fruit farm – strawberries and raspberries.


It’s local to us, well, 23 miles away, which is local for me, so I drove down to pick it up from David on Sat. at his little butchery shop on the farm. Our pig was jointed and packaged up in boxes, ready for me to take away. I always get the bones, head and offal as well as the meat – I’ve paid for them, and they make great meals and the bones make great stock.

I was…

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