Christmas, Christmas Time is Here…

It’s getting close to Christmas! It’s almost time to put up the advent calendars, sort out what we are going to have on Christmas Day food-wise, and get all our presents sorted.

Son and I have made some clay ornaments to give to his teachers and a few other people. As he’s getting older I love that we can do more complicated crafts and that he can help so much more. He attempted to roll out the clay, then stamped it and used cookie cutters to cut the shapes out while I added the hole to put ribbon through. I have to spray-paint them and add ribbon and they are done.

We have Christmas for just the 3 of us on the day itself; and keep it as quiet and easy-going as you can with a very excited kid in the house.

We don’t go overboard on food either, which may surprise some people because I used to be a chef. I’d rather have a few really nice things in the house, either bought or made than a lot of cheap stuff that we don’t end up enjoying. I have a fruitcake that I made in Oct. and has been fed with rum (hubby’s choice) since then, and we’ll have nibbles on Christmas Eve that we buy but mostly we have some yummy homemade goodies — shortbread cookies, some chocolates, nuts and other nibbles. Friends always give us boxes of chocolates and biscuits and son gets enough sweets to sink a ship.

I’ll add a few of my favourite recipes for Christmas goodies in the next few weeks – roasted nuts, spiced nuts, chocolate bark and easy shortbread as well as some quick savoury party nibbles.


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