Faux Mohair Scarves

I found a great deal on some faux mohair throws a few weeks ago, so picked up several in each colour. Wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with them, but realised that with an almost 6 year old, they wouldn’t last long on my living room suite!

I was trying to decide what to do with them when I realised that if I cut into them (eek!) I could probably get several scarves out of each. They are long – 72″ and very soft with a long fringe, so I took the plunge and cut down 1 long thread to create the size I wanted. I then embroidered a blanket stitch along the cut edge to keep it from fraying too much, but with the fuzz in the yarn used to weave the fabric, it wouldn’t have frayed very much I think.

I used matching embroidery cotton to stitch the edging and I think it turned out well! There are 3 colours — Pale Lilac, Pale Grey and a Natural or Light Tan. They will be listed soon in my Etsy Shop, but you can always message me on my Facebook page if you want one before then!


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