Christmas Holidays

Today is the last day to send post to the USA and Canada by Royal Mail. I usually have most of my Christmas orders finished and done by now except for UK orders as of course they can be sent to about the 21st or so and still just squeak in there to arrive for Christmas.

Camera Chick

I have been busier than last year; even discounting the wholesale order I had. I really do appreciate all my customers who have liked the look of my items enough to order – each one gives me such a boost! I do find it slightly odd that few people ever use the discount codes I offer regularly through the year as well as the one I give to repeat buyers.

Purple Bracelets
Purple Bracelets

I plan on more body parts in the New Year and more designing. I find I do enjoy making up my own patterns and also that I can design knits that people want to make. I also plan on getting through some of my fabric stash with some home decor items like boxes and placemats as well as coasters and neck pillow & eye mask sets.

I also plan on reworking one of the more popular patterns – the Dino Hood. I would like a more elegant pattern without seams on the top, so will be playing with it so it doesn’t have the seams. I will also be adjusting the stuffed spikes so they aren’t so heavy – the one I made came back to me for adjusting as it kept slipping back off the little one’s head.

New Dino Hood
New Dino Hood

My next post will be a Christmas Recipe for Roasted Nuts!


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