Boho Bag Review – Audrey’s Cat on Etsy

And that bag is still going strong! I use it now for a knitting bag when I’m out and about… 🙂

Through The Looking Glass

When I started on Etsy & Twitter one of the first shops I looked at was Audrey’s Cat. It’s owned by Dawn Witt, a lovely lady who loves vintage fabrics and makes various bags, cushions, jewellery and very cute small stuffed animals out of her finds.

I mentioned to my husband that I liked her bags and then when Christmas was approaching, I emailed him one of her listings as a further nudge. He bought the bag. Smart man. I got this bag, as requested:

Floral Boho Bag

I love it. I get all sorts of compliments on it when I’m out and about. The fabric is lovely, a cottage garden floral (what I’d like my garden to be but isn’t!) It’s big enough for me to throw some books and a water bottle in it when out with my son, but small enough that it doesn’t feel like…

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