Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf – Free Pattern!

An oldie but a goodie… Perfect for when you want a quick knit!

Through The Looking Glass

I love playing with new toys, you know, yarn, fabric, new needles….. I saw this yarn and had to buy it. The yarn is a chain yarn – it looks like a crochet foundation chain creating bulk and warmth and is made from a 35% wool, 65% acrylic blend.

Then… I had to make something with it and came up with this pattern a while ago. The scarf is warmer than it looks, even with the open drop stitches. I just realised I never shared it on here! So, here you go, enjoy!

If you’d like to buy the yarn, I sell it here.

Chunky Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf

Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf

This free pattern* is for a chunky winter scarf made from a superbulky chain yarn. I used 2 skeins of Ice Yarns Superbulky Chain yarn; you’ll need approx. 57M to make yours in another yarn. The scarf…

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