Half-term trip to London

I think we’ll be back next half-term in London….

Through The Looking Glass

We went to London one day during the last half term. Again, we surprised our son. When we got to Cambridge, he went to get off the train and was demanding that my husband ‘Get up! Get up, Daddy, or we won’t get off in time! Get up!’

Then we said we didn’t need to get off. He sat down and thought for a second then said ‘Where are we going, then?’

‘London’, hubby answered.

‘You’ve played a trick on me!’ — not amused.

We went to see the Parliament Buildings and Big Ben, and to the National Transport Museum at Covent Garden. It was raining and there was already a queue but a busker playing a guitar and singing kept most people amused, and if not amused, well, not grumbling. Too much.

Son went a bit mad in the museum, we didn’t get much of a chance to read…

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