Springtime in Israel – Limor Haim Matityahoo Guest Blog Post

I can’t believe it was over a year ago that I was lucky enough to go to Berlin and meet an amazing bunch of people! Limor was one of the speakers at the 1st Etsy European Captains Conference…

Through The Looking Glass

Time for another guest blog post! I met Limor at the European Team Captain Summit in Berlin last month – her presentation on how she started her Etsy team – EtsyIsrael – and her shop was fabulous! Her shop is Limitz, where she creates and sells guides to selling on Etsy in Hebrew.

She thought she would like to share some Israeli Etsy Shops’ take on Spring-time in Israel.

What are flowers all about? And why do floral designs attract us so much that we love to wear them, hold them and smell the beauty??

Spring is that time of the year when you begin feeling ALIVE again. Flowers and buds pop up everywhere, giving this amazing scent all over the place. In some places on this planet, Spring is HERE to stay, and for a very short period…

Decorative Hamsa Decorative Hamsa


One of these places is Israel, where…

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