Do not Crumble! 5 other things to do with Gooseberries…..

I’ll be trying out some of these recipes!

Life with Lizzi

I have to admit, I was a little over enthusiastic about the picking gooseberries at the weekend, and had overlooked the fact, that on my return to Brussels, I would have to spend hours and hours, boiling, pickling and jarring it all up.  All this at a time when I should have been cheering on England (not that it would have done a lot of good!).  And preparing for my last day at work before the summer.



But never one to see anything go to waste, I couldn’t leave a single gooseberry on my 5 bushes in Holland.  Four hours later, with the help of the kids (who wore gloves sensibly!), I was ripped to shreds and my back was bent double.  But proudly, I had a carrier bag full of gooseberries, and a smile on my face.  It stayed there until later that evening, when the sudden…

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