Review – Romney Marsh Wools Hand & Body Lotion

We went to the Ickworth House Wool Fair which ran on May 30 & 31st this year. We picked the Saturday to go and we were glad we went early as it got really busy later in the day.

I was slightly surprised there wasn’t as many stalls selling yarns/wool/roving as I expected, but there were a lot of stalls with finished items made from yarn and roving. Hubby and son came along and weren’t interested in looking at all the stalls, so they left to have a look at the house.

One stall, Romney Marsh Wools, had undyed yarns, finished items and also sold their own brand of hand lotion and other toiletries. I tried the hand lotion, and it really sank into my skin quickly, so I bought my own bottle.

My hand lotion
My hand lotion ©Looking Glass Designs

I used it quite a lot on my hands, but there is still lots left as you don’t need very much at all. Even using it right before knitting, there is no greasy feeling and I don’t have to wipe my hands before picking up my project.

The lotion itself isn’t very runny, and doesn’t have much scent, which I really like. I’m not a fan of heavily scented toiletries. I have the 250ml, 5 fl. oz. bottle and I figure it will last me until the end of the year. The lotion is made with lanolin in it, along with the usual lotion ingredients.

I’d recommend this hand lotion to any knitter/crocheter who prefers a lightly scented lotion that won’t leave your hands feeling greasy. I just wish Romney Marsh Wools were a little closer to me! They have stockists all over Kent, and you can order online as well, which is what I’ll be doing when I need more.


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