Copyright Infringement

I have had to deal with copyright infringement several times in the last few weeks. People think that because ‘it’s on the internet’ it’s OK to help yourself to a photo or 20, or something someone has written – on a blog, in a pattern etc.

It’s not OK. It’s theft. I know of 2 bloggers with great blogs who were both sued because they used someone else’s photos without permission, and even though they took them down as soon as the photographers told them to. One won the lawsuit and the other lost. Neither had made any money from using the photos, but both paid out thousands to defend themselves.

I updated the blog post yesterday that another blog linked to, a pattern that I offer on Ravelry for free. They also used my photos of the item and copied text from the blog post. I emailed and asked them to remove my copyright materials. To date I have heard nothing back from them, over 72 hours later. I have also sent a DMCA to their web hosting service, who will legally have to remove the material. It’s against the T&C’s of any web-hosting service to upload/add any material that you do not own copyright to. I used this sample DMCA.

Unfortunately, the blog that used my material is full of copyright infringement – every blog post is a rehash from someone else’s blog.

I am happy to allow bloggers to use my photos and to review/comment on my work as long as they ask me for permission to use copyright materials. Please do not help yourself to other people’s hard work.


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