More on Copyright Infringement…

I found these 2 blog posts today. They are from 2013 but I still think they are relevant to today’s version of Etsy and the internet.

Quite frankly, it drives me nuts to see all the infringing items on Etsy, in promoting games on FB, and very often the attitude is “I’ll sell Disney/HP/Star Wars/Dr. Who/Game of Thrones/Sesame Street items until I get a knock on the door.” Another way people try to get around it is “I don’t charge for the image/character/quote, I charge for my time/materials”.

What these people don’t realise is that if that happens, they may not have a door left for anyone to knock on — if sued, the damages could be up to $150,000USD per infringement… plus any profit made from the infringement.

Here are the links to the blog posts:

Etsy: A Home for Copyright Infringement: (Part 1)

How to Protect Your Work from Copyright Infringers (Part 2)


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