Fruit Cake for Christmas

My Christmas Fruitcake Recipe – there’s still time to make it!

Through The Looking Glass

Fruit Cake. Most people who read this blog who are in North America will cringe. But this isn’t your store-bought fruitcake, heavy enough to use as a doorstop, a brick or as foundations for a house. British fruitcakes are different. They are lighter, have less fruit and more cake – and no glace cherries, at least in this one (we don’t like them). I make it in standard cake tins, not one deep one, so you get 2 cakes out of the recipe, one to eat and one to freeze. Or not.

Christmas Cake Christmas Cake

I make this cake all year long for my hubby who loves fruitcake. It’s not a colourful, ooooh, look-at-me fruitcake, but it tastes wonderful…

At Christmas he gets one all to himself as I add his tipple of choice (it’s rum this year) to a cake baked at least 6 weeks earlier and once a week…

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