Hello! I’m back…..

Hello everyone! I bet you thought the blog was dead, as there hasn’t been a post from me for ages. Since September I’ve been absolutely slammed with orders and wholesale orders. I’m not quite sure what changed, but I am very glad my little business was so busy.

Now I have to be more organised and keep up with the blog…. dirty dishes can wait, I think. 🙂

I have made in the past 4 months:

68 camera buddies, about 30% with squeakers
132 crochet breasts
20 Keepsake Cushions
8 pairs of handwarmers
13 assorted knit uteruses and placentas
2 knit stoles
3 infinity scarves
10 patterns
2 kits
13 Santa/Father Christmas Letters w/Reindeer Food
over 50 wool fluffs have also sold… and lots of other random items as well; some of which I didn’t think would sell at all. Goes to show, there’s a buyer out there for everything. All in all, I had over 330 items sold since September!

I have had 99% lovely customers… eventually I was going to get ‘those’ customers, at least it took 4 years for them to show up! My hubby’s been wonderful as well, keeping up with the housework, and being in charge of son while I’ve been either making, doing paperwork, packing or organising so as to get orders out as quickly as possible.

Plans in the new year:

To add more items for Photography Props – wet-felted mini blankets, some knitted lace blankets, more camera buddies. I also have plans to add Camera Scarves and straps to my offerings.

Designing-wise, other than the camera buddies, I have a shawl mid-way through the design process, and will be looking for test-knitters in Jan./Feb. so if you’d like to knit a new shawl in a Debbie Bliss yarn… message me! I plan on adding 6 new yarn patterns in 2016 for sale and a few free ones as well. I love to design and see if I can make what’s in my head a reality on my hook or needles.

Happy New Year, all!

Lace Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs
Lace Scarf
©Looking Glass Designs
2 Buttons  ©Looking Glass Designs
2 Buttons
©Looking Glass Designs
Boobs - each one is different....
Boobs – each one is different….
Happy Caterpillar Camera Buddy
Happy Caterpillar Camera Buddy
Lion Camera Buddy
Lion Camera Buddy

3 thoughts on “Hello! I’m back…..

    1. I was down with a cold from the last week in Nov. as well… and still have it! But now am allowed to be ill. 🙂 That lion is currently my most popular camera buddy…

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