The Saga of the Agate Blue Pendant – part 2

So where were we? Yes, I’d returned the chipped pendant and was looking for another. I ended up with 3 jewellery sellers…. 2 on FB and one on Etsy. And I bought from all 3. Each pendant was different.

The first to arrive was from Aiden Crafts who is also on Etsy and Folksy…. Diane sent me a lovely teardrop shaped pendant with clear patterns. She wire-wrapped the top to add in a loop and bail and sent it with a silver-coloured chain.

Adien Craft's Pendant
Adien Craft’s Pendant

The 2nd one ordered didn’t arrive. Boo. When Hayley from The Wirework Boutique got it, it wasn’t the same colours as in the photo she picked it from and it also had a chip out of the side, so she sent it back and refunded me. This was totally not Hayley’s fault, she was even more upset than I was that the pendant was damaged and refunded me immediately on hearing from her supplier that they couldn’t replace it.

The 3rd one, off Etsy, came from another Etsy seller, Sadir Jewelry. It looked good in the photos…. but she put the wire bail and ring on with glue, lots of it, and bent a fitting to fit the top of the teardrop so it was all bent and twisted up. You can see the glue all over the fitting on the agate pendant, but not in her photos. I am sending it to Diane at Adien Crafts to see if she can sort it out. I wasn’t up to dealing with another Etsy return so soon after the 1st one!

Glue on the front
Glue on the front
Glue overload on the back
Glue overload on the back
side shot
side shot

So…. 4 pendants bought. 1 perfect, 2 chipped/damaged/not as described, and 1 not made into a pendant well….. never mind the number of shops I found that aren’t compliant with EU Consumer Rights Regulations!


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