Creating, making, selling, commissions. And copying.

If you’ve been reading my musings on this blog for even a little while, you know I make a lot of my items up from scratch – the camera buddies, the stoles, and cowls, the knitting patterns I offer for free…

I don’t copy, at least knowingly, from other etsy sellers. If someone sends me a photo and asks me to make “this” for them, either the answer is “no”, “I can make something similar but not exactly the same” or ‘buy it from the seller’s already selling it”. Even if I do use a pattern to make something I always change things around on it, so it’s mine, not a cut-out copy of someone else’s idea. I don’t even do that when I follow a recipe, I always make changes.

Last night as I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, I saw someone else’s keepsake cushion. With the font I had spent hours adapting to use on mine. Looking closely at it, it’s not completely exact, but the differences can be put down to looking a photo of the font as opposed to looking at a graph of it.

Eventually I knew I would find someone copying me. And yes, it was actually for someone who asked me for a quote for a keepsake cushion a few weeks ago and then never ordered. It was a very specific story, and a very specific piece of clothing they wanted made into a keepsake cushion. They must have helped themselves to one of my photos and asked this seller to make exactly the same embroidery patch. Which I do sell by themselves if they can’t afford a keepsake cushion made by me.

I messaged the seller, who got very defensive and argumentative. I can’t claim a legal copyright over the font, as it is (heavily) adapted from a magazine almost 20 years old, however I pointed out that she shouldn’t straight out copy others, she should be original and find her own font to use. She claims she found it online, and there are probably cross stitch sites out there that go back and forth and change things around all the time, like musicians who sample bits of each others recordings and change it a little each time.

So, tomorrow, I will be creating a new font to use, from scratch that I can have full copyright to and use both on my keepsake cushions.


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