Etsy Shop Review – Fairy Fountain Gifts

I’ve seen Jennifer Dodd AKA “Fairy Fountain Gifts” posting on UK Etsy Facebook groups for a little while, but somehow we ended up getting to know each other a little better than others on FB Etsy pages. I can’t *quite* remember how…. Her shops are Fairy Fountain Gifts and Fairy Fountain Kids She makes cute and affordable costume jewellery for adults and children over 3.

She often helps out other etsy shop owners with advice and suggestions on how to improve their shops, and I have in the past as well…. (see my posts on Product Photography)

She ordered some camera buddies and scarf camera straps from me and left some lovely reviews on Etsy, and I finally got the chance to order from her recently.

My son is finishing up in Year 2 (Grade 2) and is leaving his school to go to a new school for Year 3 instead of moving over to the Junior School at his current one. We had talked about getting a little gift for his friends at the end of the year and when I saw Jenn’s Mermaid/Dragon Keyrings on Facebook, I knew that was what we wanted. I showed them to son, who loved them too.

Mermaid Besties
Mermaid Besties
Dragon Kings
Dragon Kings

So, I contacted Jenn and let her know I’d be placing an order for them in a few weeks…. and we sorted out who would be getting one – just a few friends or the whole year? When son got to 23 out of 29 names….. we went with ‘everyone’ 🙂 We decided that boys would get the dragons and girls the mermaids with initials as well. Son got to pick which colour scale each child would get.

I didn’t place the order through Etsy, but with Jennifer directly and paid through paypal, so I can’t leave her a review…. she’ll have to be happy with this blog post!

I ended up making a spreadsheet for Jennifer on google docs and then sharing it with her, as with a dozen colours of scales to choose from, and 30 kids with different initials… it was complicated! She didn’t get a single colour/initial wrong out of 30, and even put son’s in a different and ‘fancy’ organza bag for him, which he loved.

Some Scale Colour Choices
Some Scale Colour Choices

I gave a deadline for a week before we absolutely had to have them, and Jenn had them made and sent to me by the day I gave her. Each was attached to a small backing card with either ‘Dragon King’ or “Mermaid Bestie’ on it and in a little organza bag. I popped them in a small brown kraft paper envelope and wrote out the child’s name and a short message from son on them.

The first girl who got one said “I don’t think we are supposed to open them now, but wait ’til after school.” Everyone immediately started to rip open the envelopes! I was immediately inundated with requests to put them on school bags, and then the children realised that the scale colours were different and much comparing and querying of “What colour is this? What colour did you get? OOOH, I got xx colour!” started up… Several children didn’t want them on their school bags “They are too special, I don’t want to lose it”. Over the next few days most of the parents let me know that their kids loved their special keychains and planned on keeping them ‘forever’. One mum told me her daughter was ‘over the moon’ and another that her son wasn’t going to use it as it was too special’!

She kept me up to date about waiting for some initials to arrive and let us update the scale colour choices when she got some new colours in as well. I don’t know what the favourite colour ended up being – we picked Green, Blue, Red-Rainbow, Opal, Gold, Hot Pink and Red/Gold so there was lots of variation!

I would recommend Fairy Fountain Gifts whole-heartedly for the great selection of items – many of them themed – along with the excellent workmanship and superb customer service Jennifer gives.

Different Designs
Different Designs

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