Guest Blog Post – Becci Gott’s Decoupage Head Tutorial

You might like this fab tutorial!

Through The Looking Glass

Here is another Guest Blog Post, this time from Becci Gott from Bumblebee Lane Crafts on Etsy. She’s written a great post on how to decoupage a mannequin head – I think this would be a great craft to do with old books or vintage comics!

Decoupaged Head Tutorial Decoupaged Head Tutorial

This tutorial has been a long time in the planning – I took the photos over a year ago with every intention of writing this up over the following weeks. Life always takes over though and it wasn’t until Denise asked about guest bloggers that it gave me a proper kick up the bum to get it all written.

Becci Gott Becci Gott

First, I feel like I should introduce myself. I am Becci from Bumblebee Lane and I often feel like crafting is in my blood. In my first memory of my best friend, we were about 3 years old and…

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