Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year!

As I’ve been so busy this October November and December filling orders, this blog has gone by the wayside.

How busy have I been?

I made and sent 210 items in those 3 months including about 7 keepsake cushion patches and 14 keepsake cushions, 12 faux mohair wraps, 12 Santa Letters & Reindeer Food, 17 camera buddies, 7 camera straps and 7 pairs of herringbone handwarmers. I had many more queries for keepsake cushions in December, but simply couldn’t fit more in before Christmas. For the first time ever, I shut my shops for 10 days to catch up. I have never done that before, but with son going to school in Cambridge and even more going on in Real Life, I needed to.

They are all back open now, and there’s a sale on in my Looking Glass Designs shop for 15% off everything!

Here’s a few keepsake cushions I made –







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