Faux Mohair Wraps

One of the items that sold well this Christmas was my Faux Mohair Wraps that come in 3 colours. I had one person buy one in Lilac with a rush fee added on, and someone else ordered 11 for her bridesmaids at her New Years’ Eve Wedding…

These are upcycled from Mohair Throws, and I blanket stitch the edges with embroidery thread. This isn’t fast….. lol and i have to do it standing up at my ironing board so I don’t kill my back, and even then I put boxes on top of it.

Luckily DMC do the perfect lilac and tan colour and Anchor do the grey, so the thread matches. I still have a few left in each colour, and have 1 that is a little narrower than the others at 12″ instead of 15″ – it will be in my etsy shop soon!

Grey Mohair Wrap
Grey Mohair Wrap



Natural (Tan) Mohair Wrap
Natural (Tan) Mohair Wrap


Lilac Mohair Wrap
Lilac Mohair Wrap



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