Shirley Woosey from Whimsey Woo Designs

Here’s Shirley again with her lovely book covers!

Through The Looking Glass

I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Shirley Woosey from Whimsey Woo Designs on Etsy and Folksy. She is today’s guest blogger and makes the prettiest book covers and miniatures for dolls’ houses that can be found her 2 etsy shops.

I’ll let her tell you a little about herself and her shops:

Shirley Woosey Shirley Woosey

Tell us a bit about you
I am in my early sixties now, the Mother of two grown up children and I have one 3 year old grandson.

How did you decide on the name for your shop?
My surname is Woosey and I wanted to use the “Woo” part in my shop name. I tried various combinations of words but decided on Whimsy because I though it suited the fabrics I use and went well with Woo. So Whimsy Woo Designs was born.

How long has your shop been open and why did…

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