Yarn, yarn and a bit more Yarn….

I have a yarn website that you can get packs of yarn at great prices – less than retail! I’ve never had a poor quality yarn from Ice Yarns, some are a little thinner than the website states but the luxury yarns are gorgeous. The bulky alpaca is scrumptious, soft and squishy.

Alpaca Bulky in Black
Alpaca Bulky in Black

I made this Handkerchief Scarflette from it, you can get one in my etsy shop if you don’t want to make your own.

Alpaca Handkerchief Scarflette
Alpaca Handkerchief Scarflette

if you like self-striping yarns, there are hundreds on my site. One I plan on trying soon is this one – Primadonna, a 50% wool/50% acrylic yarn with a fabulous texture and great colour combos.

Primadonna Yarn
Primadonna Yarn

Cake yarns are also popular right now and there are several available, including some with 100% acrylic like this one, simply called Cakes There are 5 colours in each cake.


Take a peek and tell me which yarn you’d like to try!


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