Grey Lace Stole

Grey Lace Stole

I made this stole for the first time just over a year ago for my son’s Form Tutor, he saw it on my knitting machine and wanted to give it to her. It’s knit from a fine alpaca/merino blend yarn in a soft, slightly fluffy dove grey. She wore it to a wedding last August and got several compliments on it.


I had planned on making more to sell last summer but it didn’t happen and I finally sat down at my machine to knit this one a few weeks ago; it ended up getting put away for some reason and as they say, out of sight, out of mind… anyway, I remembered about it last week and took it out and washed and blocked it.

It’s not complicated lace, but creates columns of chevrons and eyelets into a striking pattern. It’s hand-manipulated, meaning that I move the stitches around to create the pattern instead of using a punch-card and having the lace carriage move the stitches, so it’s slower than some machine-knitting.

I think it’s a lovely stole, soft and feather-light – it only weighs 75g of yarn, less than 3 oz. if you think in ‘old money’. You would also be surprised how warm it is, the alpaca and merino blend hold in a lot of body warmth.

Over the shoulders

I tried to show a couple of ways of wearing it, but I bet there are more; if you have a delicate pin or brooch this stole would set it off brilliantly. You can find it here in my Etsy Shop and here on Amazon if you prefer to shop there. This is a pattern I’ll use again – what colour would you love it in?

Tied up as a scarf
All wrapped up

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