Hello again!

I know, I know, I’ve been really bad about posting in here again. It gets hard coming up with new things to post that aren’t only ‘Hey, I have a new item here, buy it!’ type posts.

I’m hoping to start posting more. Life hasn’t been fun the past year; I have struggled with old injuries – my back and right ankle keep acting up. If it’s not one, it’s the other so I haven’t been able to do much yoga, which helps with both – but I can’t do it if I can’t either bend or flex my ankle!

This has also affected my productivity – I can’t sew when my ankle is bothering me as that’s my pedal foot. I am very frustrated that I haven’t made the items I want to for my new Etsy shop, Green Living Co. I have piles of fabrics to recycle into wipes, bags and heat packs – and I need to add in a care/instruction card to those too.

And onto the “Hey, here’s a new product” part to this post… lol

Jute Scrubbies
Both shapes of scrubby

These jute scrubbies have sold fairly well (just not on Etsy!). I plan on a larger ‘mens’ size that hubby has asked for and coloured ones too. I’m hoping the other upcycled, recyclable items do as well!

Oval Jute Scrubber
Oval Jute Scrubber

Once these scrubbies have done their job – they make great alternatives to sponges – you just cut them up and recycle or compost them. Before that, you can pop them in the wash with your towels, or in the dishwasher too, when they get dirty. I’ve been using a pair of these scrubbies for months now.

They are made from Jute twine, which is compostable and recyclable (if you don’t compost) and the plants it’s made from take in more CO2 than trees do and is a quick-growing and sustainable crop.

Rectangular Jute Scrubber
Rectangular Jute Scrubber

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled waffle! I’m glad for all the readers of this blog, and hoped that you have enjoyed reading my posts and possibly have tried out a recipe or 2?

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