More Jute Scrubbies!

This time these jute scrubbies are…. coloured! I have 4 colours to choose from – red, green, blue and a sage green (I think that’s my favourite!)

Rectangular Scrubbies
Oval Scrubbies

I have had all the jute scrubbies tested – some liked them more than others but it was down more to what they were used to rather than any issues with how well they worked. Men seemed to find them a little small, so I will sort out a large option too.

Red Scrubbies
Green Scrubbies

They were tested on dishes, floors, baths, countertops, painting easels, tiles, pots and pans… you get the idea. They worked well, washed up easily (I sometimes put mine in the dishwasher if there isn’t going to be a towel load that day) – the first one I ever made is still in use almost 5 months later.

Blue Scrubbies

One of my testers also found that they were great for exfoliating her legs before she shaved them too! I’ll be adding a round shape for those, but I have the oval and rectangular ones in that Etsy listing right now.

Sage Green Scrubbies

They are gentle on non-stick pans – one tester commented that she loved hers as the cheese that was baked onto her pan came off but didn’t get stuck on the jute like it would on a plastic scrubbie. Like the natural jute scrubbies, these are also compostable, washable, and recycleable – the perfect eco-friendly product!

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