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Sewing Pattern Weights

I don’t sew a lot of clothes or anything but rectangular pieces of cloth, but I still pin them to the fabric. I’m a perfectionist, and prefer 90′ corners! I have started to use these pattern weights though, and they work very well.

All the sewing weights
All the sewing weights

I saw some pattern weights on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ and decided to make some….. and then made more… and then more. So I have added them to my etsy shop!

I have 3 sets up right now, and plan on making some other sizes and shapes as well. Each one weighs about 53g or a little less than 2 oz. and are about 3″ in size. Which set is your favourite?

You can find them here… they’d make great gifts for sewers!




More on Copyright Infringement…

I found these 2 blog posts today. They are from 2013 but I still think they are relevant to today’s version of Etsy and the internet.

Quite frankly, it drives me nuts to see all the infringing items on Etsy, in promoting games on FB, and very often the attitude is “I’ll sell Disney/HP/Star Wars/Dr. Who/Game of Thrones/Sesame Street items until I get a knock on the door.” Another way people try to get around it is “I don’t charge for the image/character/quote, I charge for my time/materials”.

What these people don’t realise is that if that happens, they may not have a door left for anyone to knock on — if sued, the damages could be up to $150,000USD per infringement… plus any profit made from the infringement.

Here are the links to the blog posts:

Etsy: A Home for Copyright Infringement: (Part 1)

How to Protect Your Work from Copyright Infringers (Part 2)

Copyright Infringement

I have had to deal with copyright infringement several times in the last few weeks. People think that because ‘it’s on the internet’ it’s OK to help yourself to a photo or 20, or something someone has written – on a blog, in a pattern etc.

It’s not OK. It’s theft. I know of 2 bloggers with great blogs who were both sued because they used someone else’s photos without permission, and even though they took them down as soon as the photographers told them to. One won the lawsuit and the other lost. Neither had made any money from using the photos, but both paid out thousands to defend themselves.

I updated the blog post yesterday that another blog linked to, a pattern that I offer on Ravelry for free. They also used my photos of the item and copied text from the blog post. I emailed and asked them to remove my copyright materials. To date I have heard nothing back from them, over 72 hours later. I have also sent a DMCA to their web hosting service, who will legally have to remove the material. It’s against the T&C’s of any web-hosting service to upload/add any material that you do not own copyright to. I used this sample DMCA.

Unfortunately, the blog that used my material is full of copyright infringement – every blog post is a rehash from someone else’s blog.

I am happy to allow bloggers to use my photos and to review/comment on my work as long as they ask me for permission to use copyright materials. Please do not help yourself to other people’s hard work.

Girl’s Capelette Pattern!

If you followed this link from a cached page of ‘thehomesteadsurvival(dot)com’ blog please be aware that they have used my copyright photos and text without permission. The blog post was removed only after I contacted their webhosting provider with a DMCA (a Cease & Desist Letter). The blog owner then attempted to verbally abuse me on my Facebook page.

Please do not use any photo/text from my blog or shops without my express permission.

Capelette Front
Capelette Front ©Looking Glass Deisgns

This Capelette Pattern is easy and quick to make. It uses doubled yarn and garter stitch to make a warm and pretty capelette in 3 sizes:
Small: 38.5” at the long edge
Medium: 40.5” at the long edge
Large: 42.5” at the long edge

I’ve used Ice Yarns Bamboo Wool Yarn (held double) in a quick garter stitch with short rows to make a thick and soft capelette with a collar that you finish off in your choice of fancy yarns – the sample has a pretty light blue eyelash yarn that pops out against the black. The capelette is knit sideways – the short row ends are underneath the collar at the top to create the shape of the capelette.

If you’d like to use the yarn I have, you can buy it here from my yarn website.

Back of Capelette
Back of Capelette ©Looking Glass Designs

You can find the pattern for sale on Ravelry: Child’s Capelette Pattern

*This pattern is Copyright to Looking Glass Designs (2014). You have permission to sell the finished item from this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of the item. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All Free Knitting…

I was approached last year by All Free Knitting not long after I had first published my Summer Scarf Pattern on here – an editor had seen it and liked it, so wanted to put it on the website. I agreed and all of sudden I was getting a lot more hits on here – I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my ramblings…

Waves Infinity Scarf
Waves Infinity Scarf

I have since added other free patterns and I have a few more in the works – there are, of course, some paid patterns as well in my Ravelry pages.

I use Ravelry to host the patterns as I can edit the pattern pages easily, update the PDF’s and also see which ones have been really popular – I’ve had over 17,000 downloads of my patterns, both paid and free, over the past 16 months or so. (I don’t think there are 17,000 made items though, mores the pity – that would be cool!)

While I’ve had a few comments about the pattern only being available in a PDF format – some would rather just have the pattern written out on a blog page – mostly I’ve had very positive comments about the patterns, and any comments that could improve them, I’ve listened to. I know that everyone has their own pattern-writing style, and all of my patterns get tested via Ravelry members so that they are clearly written and make sense to others, not just my and my weird little brain!

Summer Scarf
Summer Scarf

Are there certain patterns I’ve published you’d like clarification on, would like in other sizes, or is there something you’d like to make that you think I could design for you? I’d love to hear from you!

Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf
Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf

Striped Capelette Pattern

I designed this a few months ago and the finished capelette has been in my shop for a while now.

Striped Capelette Front
Striped Capelette Front ©Looking Glass Designs

I have been waiting for test knitters to finish their test knits for me, and giving me feedback on the pattern. It’s turned out a little different than I expected from my knitting, but I haven’t worn the one I made.

The weight of the capelette stretches to make it longer than when it has first been finished. It’s knit from a variety of yarns, in a similar DK weight on large needles, which is great to use up left over yarns from other projects. I’ve adjusted the pattern to account for the stretch but if you like a longer capelette, you can add 1.5″ to the capelette before starting the decreases.

If you’ve made this capelette please do let me know how you got on with my pattern – and send me a photo to add to the post!

Striped Capelette Back
Striped Capelette Back ©Looking Glass Designs

The pattern is now listed on Ravelry — Striped Capelette Pattern!

New Pattern: Men’s Spiral Handwarmers

I’ve had this pattern up my sleeve for a while now, waiting to get the pattern tested so I could publish it as it’s a more complex pattern than I’ve attempted yet.

Men's Spiral Stitch Handwarmers
Men’s Spiral Stitch Handwarmers

The testers are finished testing it and found all my typos, so I’ve been able to finish off the pattern, make a swatch to photograph for the spiral stitch so I can add photos, and it’s finally available to purchase.

The stitch is based on these boot toppers on Ravelery designed by Amanda Smith – Boot Toppers I took the stitch and added it to a pair of otherwise plain handwarmers to give a subtle texture to them.

You can get the PDF pattern in my Ravelry store – buy now

And also in my Etsy Shop soon!

A Sneak Peek!

I’ve got a new handwarmer pattern coming out soon – it’s in the hands of some lovely test knitters now.

Based on these boot toppers Amanda J. Smith on Ravelry, I took the ‘not quite cable stitch’ and used it to make a handwarmer pattern.

I’ll do another post with more photos once the pattern has been tested – this one will be added to my etsy shop and I’ll be adding handwarmers for sale as well as the pattern.


Waves Infinity Scarf

I’ve finally managed to write out a new pattern! It’s free, and for an Infinity Scarf, my first. It’s a warm and cosy cowl or scarf made from a lovely bamboo blend yarn. It’s long enough to wrap twice around you neck, but not so long when a single loop it won’t keep your front warm.

Waves Infinity Scarf
Waves Infinity Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs

It’s based on a simple 4 row repeat with only 3 stitches, so anyone can knit it up!

You can get the pattern from my Ravelry store – download here

You can get the yarn here in my yarn store.

Doubled up
Doubled up ©Looking Glass Designs
Width of Scarf
Width of Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs>

Here’s a photo of Susan wearing her version of this infinity scarf. She made it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino from her stash and is narrower than the pattern calls for, as she didn’t have enough yarn to complete a larger size. It looks great on you, Susan!

Susan in her Waves Cowl!
Susan in her Waves Cowl!

Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf – Free Pattern!

I love playing with new toys, you know, yarn, fabric, new needles….. I saw this yarn and had to buy it. The yarn is a chain yarn – it looks like a crochet foundation chain creating bulk and warmth and is made from a 35% wool, 65% acrylic blend.

Then… I had to make something with it and came up with this pattern a while ago. The scarf is warmer than it looks, even with the open drop stitches. I just realised I never shared it on here! So, here you go, enjoy!

If you’d like to buy the yarn, I sell it here.

Chunky Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf

Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf
Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs

This free pattern* is for a chunky winter scarf made from a superbulky chain yarn. I used 2 skeins of Ice Yarns Superbulky Chain yarn; you’ll need approx. 57M to make yours in another yarn of the same weight. The scarf is 4″ wide and approx. 64″ long.

Download Now

Let me know if you make this scarf – send me a photo and I’ll pop it on here!

*This pattern is Copyright to Looking Glass Designs (2013). You have permission to sell the finished item from this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of the item. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.