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Another Batch of Camera Scarf Straps

Here’s another batch of camera scarf straps – I’ve made another since but haven’t managed to get photos done yet. I think the cat print one is my favourite, which is yours? I still can’t decide which design is better – the nylon straps or the adjustable style with keyrings.

Duck Print Scarf Strap – available on Etsy, and Amazon and Ebay.

Duck Print Camera Scarf Strap

Cat Print Camera Scarf Strap: available on Etsy, and Amazon and Ebay.

Cat Print Camera Scarf Strap

Green Daisies Scarf Camera Strap: available on Etsy, and Amazon and Ebay.

Green Daisies Camera Scarf Strap

Hot Pink Floral Scarf Strap: available on Etsy, and Amazon and Ebay.

Pink Floral Scarf Strap
Close up

Guess what? More Camera Scarf Straps!

I managed to get these made last week; I have 2 of each ready to send. I like the purple feathers scarf strap more than the Boho print; but I can see me wearing both – how about you? Each strap is long and adjustable and upcycled from a light scarf.

The Boho Print Camera Scarf Strap:

Boho print camera scarf strap
Boho print close up
Opened up

The Purple Feathers Scarf Strap:

Purple Feathers Scarf Strap

Feathers Close up
Opened up

There are 11 different camera scarf straps listed for sale in my Etsy, Amazon and Ebay shops. I’m hoping to get a couple more made in the next week along with several more knitting bags – more like those sock project bags and some larger ones with a zippered pocket too.

Mustard & Black Knitting Bag Review – Gemma

I know several other Etsy shop owners who also knit, and asked Gemma from Snug Creations to test the Mustard & Black knitting bag and review it for me. I’m glad she used it for a couple of weeks before writing the review, it definitely got a good workout! You can get your own here in my Etsy shop.

Mustard & Black Knitting Bag

Here’s Gemma’s review:

As a bona-fide knitting addict, who designs knitwear for babies and children at Snug Creations Children’s Boutique, as well as knitting for myself in my spare time, I know the value of good, well-made project bags, I’ve got through several! With all the time and effort that goes into projects, not to mention the cost of good yarn, you need a bag that is sturdy enough to hold up to to being filled and emptied over and over, that will protect your knitting, will be strong enough that your needle tips won’t poke through and, if you are anything like me, will stand up to being taken out and about – where I go, my knitting goes!

When I received this bag to review, I was excited about putting it through its paces. Read on to find out what I think of it…

Double grosgrain ribbon drawstring
Sturdy, lightweight design
Durable, washable cotton fabric
Fully lined
Contrasting trim detail which complements the drawstring
Wide base
Good capacity for small to medium sized projects

The first thing that I noticed was the simple, but elegant packaging. No unnecessary packaging materials and nothing wasteful. I love that ribbon was used to finish the package – I like to keep them and reuse for gift-giving.


I must say that when I first saw the project bag I was very impressed with its appearance. Denise chose a lovely mustard fabric with a contrasting bold black and white print trim and colour-coordinated black and white grosgrain ribbon drawstrings. The bag is fully lined with ecru fabric, reinforcing its strength and stability. The beautiful colour jumped out at me immediately after opening the package. I love mustard and the contrasting fabric looks great with it. MUCH more stylish than many of my existing knitting bags.

Next, I noticed the IMMACULATE stitching, it made me want to dust off my machine and get up to scratch with my sewing skills – very neat and professionally finished! The overall workmanship really impressed me: with the quality of the fabrics, even seams and stitching gives the bag sturdy construction – not a loose thread in sight.

Stitch detail

The bag closes securely and efficiently with a double drawstring. Grosgrain ribbon is a great choice because it’s not a silky, slippery ribbon, so when you pull the drawstrings to close the bag, it stays closed better. The drawstring is long enough, when drawn, to hold as you would a handbag, or looped over your arm.

At the moment, I only have a few projects on the go (unusual for me): a dress; a shawl and a pair of fairisle gloves, all varying in size. I also have a little kit packed full of my knitting essentials such as my snips, stitch markers, mini notebook, row counter and tape measure, so any project bag I use needs to have room for my kit too.

I’ve had the bag for a few weeks now and have been putting it through its paces. It has traveled with me most places I have gone with a project packed away in it and I have to say, I am impressed with how it has performed. When I go out, I always take my dog with me and a little bag that holds all of the things I need for him (he’s in training – so I need lots of treats on me at all times!). I found carrying both bags easy and comfortable, even with the dog pulling me this way and that. It has stood up well to the beach, a day in the New Forest and a long weekend in Devon totally unscathed.

Bag in use in the garden

Multi-purpose Design
Not only is this a great little project bag, it works great as a knitting bowl too. I even braved knitting from it on the beach – I just rolled the top down and voila – portable knitting bowl!

In use as a knitting bowl
In use as a knitting bowl close up

What I loved
There’s a lot to love about this design. My favourite elements are:
The clever design of the wide base, which increases the capacity of the bag and makes the design stable so that it stand upright on a surface. None of my other bags are designed this way, so I really liked this.
The modern colour (one of my favourites at the moment).
The ability to use it both as a project bag AND portable yarn bowl.

Bottom detail
Drawstring detail

Truthfully, there is nothing about the bag that I do not like. If I had to get really picky, I would prefer an internal pocket to put my little kit in, just incase things spill out, and if I was getting REALLY picky, I’d like that pocket to be zipped.

Overall thoughts
Overall, I think that this is a great looking, versatile project bag that has been made with great skill and craftsmanship. For a small bag it has a great capacity (all of my projects apart from the dress fitted inside perfectly) and I love the choice of non-slip grosgrain paired with the double drawstring design.

This project bag is a fantastic choice for any knitter, crocheter or sewist. It’s perfect for taking along to your local knit-night or out and about on your travels with plenty of room for most small to medium sized projects.

Project bag with medium sized project in

If you are looking for gifts for crafty friends, you can’t go wrong with one of Denise’s project bag creations!

Thank you very much for the glowing, review, Gemma! If my face wasn’t already sunburned, it would be blushing.

You can also find Gemma and her amazing products on
Instagram: @snug.creations
Twitter: @snugcreations

Drawstring Project Bags

I made a few more drawstring project bags – next up will be some zippered ones; there’s a few more drawstring styles I plan on trying. I do have to sort out zippers, which means deciding what I want to make with which fabric and then not changing my mind. You don’t look up “indecisive” in the dictionary and see a photo of me, no, not at all….

I made a couple of large red, cream, and brown drawstring bags – they are lined in cream fabric but 2 different ones. They are the same size as the mustard ones, but are in a heavier fabric.

Red, Cream & Brown – it has red ribbon to close.
This bag will hold 3 skeins of yarn, needles and notions!

Then there are 2 purple reversible project bags made from a light cotton fabric – one is dark purple with large light purple starbursts and the other is light purple with dark purple starbursts. Each side has drawstrings – use the dark side for light yarns and the light one for dark yarns.

Both Purple Project Bags
Dark Purple with top folded down
Light Purple w/ top folded down.

I tried a new design – boy, do I need to pay attention more! It’s not a hard pattern to follow – no curves, nothing to miter or anything but I took forever to make them because I kept making silly mistakes and having to unpick and resew. To be fair, I usually don’t follow a pattern so I’m not used to it and whizz along until, ooops, time to get the seam ripper out. I also added in a lining, which adds all of 2 steps to the pattern.

This one’s a lime green cotton with a Liberty MacIntosh Roses lawn fabric. I haven’t sewn with a Liberty fabric before and it’s a little more slippery than I thought it would be. The zip is cream and the pocket is large enough to hold some notions, a small pair of scissors and a folded up pattern. The lining is cream cotton.

Sock knitting bag – Liberty MacIntosh Roses

These 2 use the same main fabric – a kelly green cotton, and then the accent fabric are Summersville Fabrics: black houses, libraries and cars/buses and the other is a green with small houses and trees. They have either black or green topstitching and dark green ribbon to close. I think I like the black one better – which do you prefer?

Green Summersville Fabric
Black Summersville Fabric

Some of these are already listed in my etsy shop here. If you prefer Ebay, they are also listed here.

and here’s the first one – Mustard & Black.

Mustard & Black Knitting Bag
The others will get listed over the next couple of days.

Which is your favourite?

A Knitting Bag! (Or Crochet Bag, I’m not picky…)

I plan on making more fabric items this year and I started with this lovely knitting/crochet projectbag. It’s made from high quality quilting cotton and lined in cream cotton. There’s black grosgrain ribbon pulled through an abstract black & white quilting cotton to close it, and it will hold 3-4 skeins of fingering yarn + needles/hooks and notions. I have enough fabric to make 3 but after that, no more. So kind of “Limited Edition”…. 🙂

Mustard & Black Knitting Bag
Drawstring Bag
Bag with 3 skeins of yarn inside
Peeking into the top of the bag
Side of the Bag

Standing up and open

It’s listed in my Etsy shop here and I plan on having more join it soon. What do you look for in a knitting bag – pockets for notions? Do you prefer a zippered bag, or a drawstring with a toggle on it? How about fabric — funky, elegant, cheerful? Give me some ideas!

More New Camera Straps!

Yup, it’s that time again… new items! This time it’s 4 Camera Scarf Straps – 3 with nylon straps and 1 with keyrings and lobster clasps.

The scarf straps are all upcycled from 2nd hand scarves. The kind of camera strap they get made into depends on the material, size and shape. Thicker ones like pashminas get made into non-adjustable straps with nylon strap fittings and I have to work with the thickness and make a larger pleather cover for them than for a thinner scarf. The long, fine scarves are sewn into adjustable straps with keyrings and lobster clasps for fittings. I don’t usually have much trouble with these ones; I’ve made so many now. I have plans to make covers for the straps that come with DSLR cameras; I have some bright and cheerful cottons as well as some patterned Fat Quarters too.

These 4 Camera Scarf Straps are all listed in my Etsy, Amazon and Ebay shops, so you get your pick of where to buy them! BTW, which is your favourite platform to buy from out of the 3?

Butterflies & Birds Scarf Strap

I have 2 available – Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon.

Close-up of Butterfly & Birds

Tan Floral Scarf Strap

This one is OOAK (one-of-a-kind) – Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon.

Close-up of Floral Scarf Strap
Floral Scarf Strap

Green Stripes Pashmina Scarf Strap

There are 2 of this lovely pashmina scarf strap available –Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon.

Close-up of Green Striped Strap
Green Stripes

White Silk Embroidered Scarf Strap

This one is gorgeous, no matter what I tried, my photos do not do it justice – soft white silk with small flowers embroidered on it… Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon.


Which is your favourite?

Keepsake Cushions

I managed to get some photos for a keepsake cushion I made in November (I think) – it was for my buyer’s daughter. I got a polo shirt, which are a little more time-consuming to make than a plain buttoned shirt.

I leave the collar on and fill it in with a sleeve, and sew shut the bottom of the shirt. With this one, because of the design of the shirt, I changed the font used in the patch so I didn’t cover up any of the design, with my buyer’s agreement.

My buyer was very happy with the end result — and wasn’t expecting it to be so big! “I have just collected my cushion from the post office. I love it! Thank You so much. I imagined it to be smaller than it is.
My daughter will love it.
Thank You for such a prompt service.”

These photos show the keepsake cushion cover while being made. Each one I make ends up being made slightly differently depending on the shirt/t-shirt/polo shirt/jumper, the size I can make and what my buyer would like.

Picking the size for the cushion cover
Picking the size for the cushion cover
With Patch added & sides sewn
With Patch added & sides sewn
Cut to size
Cut to size
The neckline is ready to fill in
The neckline is ready to fill in
Finished - with cushion form and bottom edge sewn shut.
Finished – with cushion form and bottom edge sewn shut.
Close-up of the patch
Close-up of the patch

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year!

As I’ve been so busy this October November and December filling orders, this blog has gone by the wayside.

How busy have I been?

I made and sent 210 items in those 3 months including about 7 keepsake cushion patches and 14 keepsake cushions, 12 faux mohair wraps, 12 Santa Letters & Reindeer Food, 17 camera buddies, 7 camera straps and 7 pairs of herringbone handwarmers. I had many more queries for keepsake cushions in December, but simply couldn’t fit more in before Christmas. For the first time ever, I shut my shops for 10 days to catch up. I have never done that before, but with son going to school in Cambridge and even more going on in Real Life, I needed to.

They are all back open now, and there’s a sale on in my Looking Glass Designs shop for 15% off everything!

Here’s a few keepsake cushions I made –






Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

As some of you know from previous years, I make Hallowe’en bags – crocheted as well as appliqued. I have some listed below and will add more later on this week….

They are always very popular, and if you’d like one, get in my order books now!

Jack o'Lantern Trick or Treat Bag
Jack o’Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

Get my Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag Here!

Frankenstein Bag
Frankenstein Bag
Get Frankie Here.

Ghost Trick or Treat Bag
Ghost Trick or Treat Bag
Get Ghostie Here.

Ghost Applique Bag
Ghost Applique Bag

Get this Ghost applique bag Here.

White Ghost Applique Bag
White Ghost Applique Bag

And this ghost applique bag here.

Bats & Moon Trick or Treat Bag
Bats & Moon Trick or Treat Bag

Grab my Bat & Moon Trick or Treat Bag here

Jack o'Lantern Bag
Jack o’Lantern Bag

Snaffle up this Jack o’Lantern Bag here!

Camera Scarf Straps

Just a quick little post showing off my camera scarf straps! I participated in a Market Night on a Facebook Group last night and 2 of these sold there, but they were so pretty I thought I’d show them to you anyway. The rest will be, or are, in my etsy shop and my folksy shop ready to go to new homes!

Everyone who has bought them has loved their choice – one customer ended up buying one each for her Mum and step-Dad as they loved the look of hers so much! I rarely have more than 2-3 of each scarf so grab them while you can if you find some you love!

Pink Butterfly Camera Scarf Strap - sold out
Pink Butterfly Camera Scarf Strap – sold out
Pink Leopard Spots Camera Scarf Strap
Pink Leopard Spots Camera Scarf Strap
Bright Blues  Camera Scarf Strap - sold out.
Bright Blues Camera Scarf Strap – sold out.
Black & White  Camera Scarf Strap
Black & White Camera Scarf Strap
Roses on Black  Camera Scarf Strap
Roses on Black Camera Scarf Strap

Roses Camera Scarf Strap on Etsy

Gold  Camera Scarf Strap
Gold Camera Scarf Strap
White Chiffon  Camera Scarf Strap
White Chiffon Camera Scarf Strap

White Chiffon Scarf Strap on Etsy
White Chiffon Scarf Strap on Folksy

Purple Floral  Camera Scarf Strap
Purple Floral Camera Scarf Strap

Purple Floral Camera Scarf Strap on Etsy
Purple Floral Camera Scarf Strap on Folksy

Black Cotton Camera Scarf Strap
Black Cotton Camera Scarf Strap

Black Camera Scarf Strap on Etsy