If you’d like to contact me about a pattern I’ve published on my blog, you have a query about something, would like to guest post or anything else, you can email me at

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I am happy to guest post for other blogs, and I make lots of custom orders.

4 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hi I am looking for an order of 10 knitted breasts, flesh and different colour skin tones for breastfeeding support…..

  2. Yes Im very interested in learning how to knit.ive been taught how to crochet but would love to learn how to make different design.i only know how to crochet in a line.if u can maybe send me some tips on how to make more shape and design I would appreciate any help ,just want to make more than the same old design.thank you

    1. Hello – I’m afraid I don’t teach knitting or crochet. I suggest googling for local knitting groups or classes, or looking on youtube for knitting tutorials. Good luck!

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