These are reviews of businesses or products I have used in the past and have been happy with, or not, as the case may be. I don’t often feel the need to write one, but occasionally I do get the urge!

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This is very off-topic, but my husband has needed new glasses for oh, about 14 months now. Not a new prescription, but just new glasses as his are incredibly scratched. Anyone who wears glasses knows how expensive it can be to get a new pair, and how long it can take from a high street optician. I started to nag him about it and he looked at some online prescription places. One of them was <a href=””>Glasses Direct.</a> He chose to try them because you can get the frames sent to you in the post to try on and see if you like what they look like on you. (Unless you are like me and have to go with what everyone else thinks as I’m blind as a bat without any glasses on!)

New Glasses

He ordered 2 frames to try; you do have to enter your debit/credit card details in case you don’t return the frames, but no big deal as nothing is charged if they get sent back. They arrived 2 days later. He immediately tried them on, then thought about it for a couple of days.

He sent the frames back and placed his order. My husband’s eyesight is in no way as bad as my own; but he got an email asking to call them as he had a complicated prescription. He called them the day after that and was asked to send in an old pair of glasses to make sure they had the PD right – the distance between his pupils. The one drawback to Glasses Direct is that they don’t explain how to measure that yourself, but you can ask your optician to add that to your prescription. A competitor does, and we used their downloadable ruler to try to do this ourselves.

He got an envelope to send off his old glasses in, free of charge, and they came back a few days later in a brand new glasses case. About 6 days after that, he had his shiny new glasses. I helped him to adjust them slightly, but he was amazed at how much more he could see in comparison. The PD was perfect and we knew the frames would suit him because he had been able to try them on before the lenses were made up.

Total time from ordering the frames to getting new glasses was 16 days (4 of those were hubby deciding which frames to get) and 10 days total from ordering the glasses themselves to getting them. We were both very impressed with <a href=””>Glasses Direct</a>.

Cost. This is a big consideration for us these days. We knew frames he liked at a couple of opticians he went to would have been about £140 or more with lenses. He paid £60.45 and was very impressed with all the effort and care that went into making sure his new glasses were suitable, indeed perfect.

Many people will wear a pair of glasses that aren’t quite right because they don’t want to complain, think that once the lens are made up they can’t be changed, or they simply didn’t get the right prescription in the first place for a variety of reasons. Or maybe they don’t even realize they aren’t right. If a pair of glasses bother you for more than a couple of hours, they probably need to be looked at to make sure they fit correctly, the PD has been measured properly, and if that fails, a look at the prescription itself is needed – a new eye exam. But though buying glasses online could easily mean that you don’t get the right pair of glasses, all the extra steps <a href=””>Glasses Direct</a> took made sure my husband’s new pair were exactly what he needed. He did hesitate about getting new glasses online but decided to try as the price was good, and there also was a 14 day return policy available. We will both go back to Glasses Direct when we need new ones, the care and service he got from them couldn’t be improved on. We would recommend them to anyone who needs a new pair of glasses!

ETA: My husband’s glasses are still going strong and are in excellent shape even with rough handling by our son on occasion. He is still very happy with them and we will definitely buy from Glasses Direct again.

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