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Crochet Breasts for the Association of Breast-feeding Mothers

I’ve made crochet breasts for them before, mostly flesh-coloured ones in a variety of shades. This time they wanted rainbow-coloured ones. I had made a few before but they were the most popular and they wanted more for the Annual General Meeting this weekend.

So I got busy crocheting….

One crochet boob
One crochet boob
Another set of stripes...
Another set of stripes…

I sent most of them, just have a few left to send. And I got a very nice compliment too – “Your work is gorgeous. Such a lovely quality.”

Boobs - each one is different....
Boobs – each one is different….

Crochet Breasts….

My wholesale order for 80 crochet boobs is done. I used over 1KG of yarn in 8 colours for 43 crochet breasts, 675g of cotton yarn for 20 breasts plus 19 in assorted colours like rainbow and purple for novelty breasts. (I had other orders for crochet breasts too, one was bought for a Halloween costume!)

I had 67 other items ordered while I was crocheting the breasts, so in the last 3 months I have made and sold over 147 items.

I plan on taking a break from the crochet hooks for a little while – I have several items I haven’t photographed yet, and some more to finish off. There is a scarf in sock yarn that was abandoned in the middle of August, and I have some faux mohair fabric to play with, possibly adding some metallic hand-embroidery to it….

Below are part of the 1st 40 boobs I made and sent:


Here are a few of the 2nd 40:







If you would like your own crochet breast, you can get one from my Etsy Shop Anatomical Knits BY LGD

Wholesale Orders….

I have occasionally been in in contact with people looking for “wholesale orders” but haven’t got the order as we have defined “wholesale order” differently.

I have a basic formula for wholesale orders. If you are looking for 5- 10 of the same item, it isn’t a wholesale order and while I can still offer a discount, it won’t be more than 10%. I have a sliding scale depending on how many of the same item you want to buy. The larger the order, the larger the discount will be.

Yesterday a lovely Folksy Seller, Whimsey Woo Designs, messaged me about someone looking for a large order of knit breasts – I crochet them and she knew that I make uterii so thought I might make breasts as well.

The buyer and I messaged back and forth a bit yesterday and we agreed on price, payment & delivery terms. She’s paid the deposit and I’ve ordered the supplies so soon I’ll be knee-deep in crochet boobs! She will be using them for breast-feeding teaching and also selling them on for a breast-feeding charity.

Purple Breast
Purple Breast
Rainbow Breast
Rainbow Breast
Crochet Breast
Crochet Breast

I’ll be adding the new colours to my Etsy Shop, Anatomical Knits as I make them, and as the new colours are flesh-toned, I can add other body parts too….